Litter Kwitter

Cat on the toilet aren't something people see every day. But when they do see it they think it's amazing, or they think it's weird, or they think they know someone who'll think it's amazing or weird. Either way, they're never neutral and they're never uninterested. It's a 'Hey Martha!' moment, as in "Hey Martha, getta loada this!" You know, one of those feelgood stories to liven-up a dull day. But there's a serious point to training cats to use the toilet. Apart from: the hygiene benefits (no more plastic tray full of doo-doos in the middle of a hot room); the convenience benefits (it's easier to Flush-after-Felix than Cleanup-after-Cuddles); the environmental benefits (300kg of litter in landfill per cat per year anyone?); the cost benefits (300kg of litter per year plus a few gallons of cleaner - that's about $300 per year); the pet-bonding benefits (we all love a clean pet, less so one that makes a constant mess); the welfare benefits (cats that 'go' outdoors, particularly at night, live shorter more hazardous lives). Apart from these there's the sheer visual spectacle of cats on the toilet.